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Tuition fees are due upon registration to secure your space. Cancellations must be made prior to the posted deadline for a full refund. After the deadline, refunds of the tuition payment will only be made if there is a wait list and another student can fill the vacated space. Payment of Supplies can be made at the time of the first class or delivery of painting surface(s). Each student will be provided a list of supplies required for each class.

*Note: If you choose to provide your own surface and/or pattern; please indicate that prior to the registration deadline. Once the deadline has passed, the supplies will be ordered for you.

Classes are taught by Wendy unless otherwise indicated. All classes are taught in the studio, and limited to seven students per class. If a class is full you will be put on a wait list.   Wait list candidates will be notified, and money refunded prior to class date should space not become available.

Be sure to check "Special Classes/Seminars" for additional classes taught by Wendy.


"Batik Butterfly" & Fun with TJAPS

Watercolor Batik design by Kathie George


Tuesday, March 3    9am - 3pm




Funky Birds

Multi-media - Sculpting & Painting

Design Shara Jane (Shara Reiner & Jane Allen)


Tuesday, March 24     9am - 3pm

Registration Deadline:  March 3


Tuition: $36     Packet & Supply Kit: $36.80






Join SDP and meet Life-Long Friends!

Join The Society of Decorative Painters (SDP) for additional opportunities to paint!  

Meet people who speak your language at local affiliated SDP chapters in San Antonio and Austin.

Pictured is a "Soldier" box.  Boxes are painted for wounded warriors each year by chapter members.


Two Little Ducklings

Colored Pencil

Design by Lydia Steeves - PaintWorks June 2012


Tuesday, March 31     9am - 3pm

Registration Deadline: March 10


Tuition: $36     Pattern & Surface: TBA      Pencils: $1.89 each (13)


Red Geraniums Floorcloth


Design by Patricia Rawlinson - Quick & Easy Painting August 2006


Tuesday, April 7     9am - 3pm

Registration Deadline: March 24


Tuition: $36     Pattern & Surface: TBA      


Holly Hocks 

Watercolor Batik

Design by Kathie George

Tuesday, April 21     9am - 3pm

Registration Deadline: April 1


Tuition: $36     Pattern & Surface: TBA      

Baby, It's Spring (Robins)


Design by Janelle Johnson - Paintworks April 2012


Tuesday, April 28     9am - 3pm

Registration Deadline: April 7


Tuition: $36     Pattern & Surface: TBA       Pencils: $1.89 ea (11)    



Watercolor Pencils

Design by Tina Sue Norris

Tuesday, May 5     9am - 3pm

Registration Deadline: April 21


Tuition: $36     Pattern & Surface: $10     Pencils: $1.89 ea (12)


Open Studio

Two Thursdays per month I open the studio to work on anything!  You can bring items to prep for upcoming classes or workshops. 

You can bring new work - whatever you desire.  The studio is open from 9-3

There is no charge for this day.

 We also go into Blanco for lunch and sometimes do a little retail therapy. 

So, if you would like to spend time with people who speak your language, join us! 

I do require notice, so I will know how many to expect.


     March 12     March 26    

April 9     April 23     May 7     May 28